Sunday, January 13, 2013


     Why do we keep going back?  The obvious answer is because Chris is there and we all want to spend time together.  It's a really long trip from the East Coast.  The jet lag upon return is crippling.  However, it's summer in Sydney and there's this too.

    So, we went back for the holidays and spent two really lovely weeks in our favorite place with our favorite missing family member.  Instead of heading off to explore a new part of Australia, we hunkered down at Balmoral and didn't leave Sydney.  It was a great choice and Sydney didn't disappoint.  There were days on the sailboat,

days spent at the beach catching up with friends,

tranquil mornings,

busy afternoons,

Christmas celebrations,

visits with the feathered locals,

and one especially amazing night.

     We'll all be living in the same hemisphere soon which is a great thing.  It means that this adventure is really over though and we are regretful about that.  Deciding to leave was never easy and we second guess it every day.  Living in Sydney taught us so many things about ourselves and what we value.  We'll take the lessons home with us along with sweet memories and long distance friendships.  Living in Sydney may have ruined (Chris would insist I say "'roo-ned") us for living elsewhere but we love it anyway.  The door is closed for now but not locked.

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